Saturday, February 14, 2009

More pictures

I've been asked for more pictures - and I said I'm not taking that many right now, since I've got Angie with me now! So here are just a few more.

This may be the last entry in the blog. Thanks so much to everyone for all your support through this process. Angie is such a wonderful baby - always in a good mood, sleeping all night and playing the rest of the time. Kira is a near perfect big sister also. We're very happy :)

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Cynde said...

Robin, My name is Cynde and I am in Shymkent right now. I have a couple of questions and would like for you to email me if you would. My email is You can email me and I will email you back. I can't figure out your email because it is in Russian since we are in Kaz. Thank you.